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SM5 Urb Mirador del Mediterraneo, No5 , BLQ 116,  San Miguel de Salinas

Important Emergency Numbers


Torrevieja: +34 965 721 200

Quironsalud, Torrevieja: +34 966 931 313

Emergency number: 112

Health centre: +34 966 748 353

Taxi: +34 966 761 088

Farmacia :           The nearest to you is next to Dial Prix in Los Dolses or in the La Fuente Centre..

Or identifiable with a Green Cross outsidein most commercial centres.

General Rules

  1. Smoking is NOT allowed in the property.
  2. Pets are not permitted in the property.
  3. Do not use candles, table BBQs, fire pits etc .
  4. Always Turn off the air conditioning  lock the front door and close the windows when leaving the property.
  5. Enjoy your Vacation.


For your own comfort and peace of mind please ensure that when leaving your apartment/villa that all windows are closed, shutters are left down, and all doors are closed.

When leaving your apartment on day of DEPARTURE please leave the set of keys on the table and close the door firmly behind you.

Any keys lost would result in you being charged for having a new set of keys cut and any necessary call out fees.


  • Please note that there is 1  independent units in the apartment.
  • How to operate using a hand held remote:
    • Tap on the Start/Stop button.
    • The screen shows the different modes options. Click for which you require.
      • Heat
      • Cool
    • Use the arrows to select the best temperature.
    • The minimum temperature for Cold receommneded is 20º.
    • The maximum temperature for Hot recommended is 26º.
    • Windows and doors MUST be closed to achieve the best results from the air conditioning machine.
    • Allow 15 minute for the machine to activate.
    • Please switch off the air conditioning when leaving the property.


  • Inside the front door entrance is a plastic door which contains the fuse box.
  • If a fuse is blown, try resetting the master fuse.
  • If this does not work: –
    • Put all fuses slowly into the down/off position.
    • Leave for 5 minutes.
    • Turn on the master switch.
    • Turn them all on slowly one by one at a time.
    • If an individual fuse blows the main circuit, leave switched off and notify the emergency number 0034 666290575.



  • To avoid ants please where possible keep foods in containers or bags.
  • Empty rubbish bins nightly to prevent any unwanted ants in your property


  • It is advisable to use a repellent especially at night.
  • If you require the windows open at night due to the heat. Please ensure that you have the shutters down as this will allow the air to circulate and keep the room at a comfortable temperature whilst keeping the Mosquitos at bay.


The Television is a Smart TV with both English and Spanish  channels .

Fire Safety

  • In the kitchen there is a fire blanket and fire extinguisher.
  • There is a smoke detector on the ceiling near the kitchen area. If there is a constant beeping. Please call the office on 0034 965290575 (Monday to Friday 09:30 to 16:00) to arrange for the battery to be changed.

 Washing Machine

  • Select wash number 6 on the large dial.
  • Select the spin speed.
  • Press the button to  start the washing machine.
  • When the wash is finished, remove washing, and close the washing machine door.

Swimming Pool

  • Read and follow the pool rules on the wall near the pool.
  • Especially and in addition to the rules:
    1. The pool is open all year from 08:00 to 22:00 in the summer and in the winter from 09:00 to dark.
    2. Use shower every time before entering the pool. Long hair must be tied back in a pony tail.
    3. No ball games, no dive bombing, nor jumping .
    4. Children under 14 years of age who can not swim and all children under 10 years old MUST be accompanied by an adult.
    5. Take care of your own rubbish.
    6. No food allowed to be taken to the pool area.
    7. No glasses or glass bottles.
    8. No animals.
    9. No inflatables. Children are allowed to play with small toys.
    10. Babies and toddlers MUST wear appropriate swimming nappies.
    11. Do NOT use shower gel in the outside shower.
    12. No loud music to be played at the pool, if you wish to listen to music please use ear phones.
    13. Smoking is prohibited in the pool area. Ashtrays are provided at the entrance to extinguish cigarettes.
  • The key for entering the swimming pool is  on the keys.


  • Take all rubbish to the large rubbish containers in the streets around the property.
  • Ensure the rubbish is put into the rubbish containers and not in the actual street.


General Community Rules

  • Please remember to close the pedestrian gates and main doors to the buildings quietly.
  • Please respect your neighbours and keep the noise to a minimum especially when leaving or arriving early in the morning or late at night. Loud music must stop by 11pm.
  • Please do not put towels, laundry items, carpets etc over balcony walls. Airers are provided.
  • Guests are not permitted to bring other people to the pool if they are not registered at staying at the property.



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